Speaker Submission is Now Closed.

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Interested in applying next year? Browse the speaker guidelines below:

  • TEDx speakers must tell a story and share an idea using credible proof. They may not use the TEDx stage to sell products, promote themselves, or advance notions that cannot be defended with well-founded evidence.
  • TEDx speakers should not promote inflammatory political or religious agenda, nor use polarizing “us vs them” language.
  • TEDx speakers must be able to confirm the claims presented in their talks. Talks may not advocate pseudoscience.
  • No sponsors, or people directly affiliated with the event’s sponsors, are allowed to speak. Sponsors and those affiliated with sponsors may not seek to influence or manipulate the speaker selection process.
  • Content must be original. Any images or content that is not owned by the speaker must have proper copyright permissions for public presentations as well as filming for a global audience.
  • TEDx talks must be memorized, and last no longer than 18 minutes (though talks can be as short as 3 minutes).
  • TEDx Speakers will be recorded and that everyone who appears onstage is required to sign a TEDx Speaker Release Form, which gives TEDxVermilionStreet and TED the right to edit and distribute the video of my talk to the public via the TEDx Talks Channel on YouTube.
  • TEDxVermilionStreet Speakers will work with an assigned Speaker Coach to refine their Talks. TEDxVermilionStreet Speakers will need to be available for the entire day of the event (Sept 9, 2017) as well as during dress rehearsals prior to the event.