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TEDxVermilionStreet | Je ne sais quoi

Butch Roussel | How to Release Your Inner 48 Hours

Charles Taylor | Understanding Safety in Medical Devices

Shea Trahan | The Architecture of Sound

James Dent | The Darkness That Binds Us

Andy Riviere & Shayne Kimble | Leaving Your Fingerprint on Society: Code Switching and Dialect Preservation

Joey Durel | One Mayor's Perspective: How My Community Led Me

William Plummer | Music and Metel Detecting

Joshua Jackson | Code Name: F.I.T.

Beth Middleton | The Conservation Oblivion

Carlee Alm-LaBar & Katherine McCormick | Project Front Yard: Changing Our Actions by Changing Our Assumptions

Jacob Broussard | Reverse Haunting of an Alchemist and a Time Traveler: Refections on Being